Our Vision (Dream)

To build a stronger and more sustainable community, not only by promoting wise use of local natural and economic resources, but by identifying, developing and including underutilized human resources that are effectively prevented from participating in the local economy

Our Mission (Purpose)

Use BOLD and Innovative thinking and community development approaches to connect those members of the community facing employment discrimination and resulting in generational poverty to local economic resources by:

• Identifying and nurturing members of the community with a strong desire for self-sufficiency

• Providing mentoring relationships necessary to identify and develop strong work skills, interpersonal skills, and educational opportunities
• Identifying and developing entrepreneurial capacity within the targeted community
• Developing mutually beneficial relationships with local employers that will provide employment opportunities
• Rebuilding and strengthening  family relationships, socially and economically
• Providing opportunities that serve as alternatives to incarceration, minimizing the impact on families, communities and society
• Advocating for anti-discrimination policies that limit abilities for citizens to become economically sustainable